The project

The general idea of the project:

The project involves the creation of the first online schools network, and encourages interactions between teachers and secondary school students, based on collaborative problem solving approach. Such pedagogical strategy allows everyone’s point of view to be expressed, thus contributing to the valorization of the knowledge and abilities most addressed by schools, based on their academic orientation.

Problem analysis and to work out one or more solutions that include ICT innovation in advanced didactics.

Purpose of the project

IoT-DESIR Project (Internet of Things per la Didattica sull’Energia con Scuola, Impresa e Ricerca) aims at the development of meta-cognitive strategies for effective problem solving in high schools and colleges, such as the ability to analyse problems, develop a critical thinking about the use of innovative tools and become capable to choose an adequate solution between several suitable options.


  • To proceed with the cooperative schools network built around IoT technology through the 5 five project fases.
  • To adapt an IoT platform to the school particularities. Such platform will enable participants to connect onĂ‚ the network real or digital objects and make them talk to each other and to people.
  • To increase students and teachers’ awareness of the potentialities of IoT applications.
  • To better grasp the energy consumption issues and learn to tackle them.
  • On-going dissemination of the results as the project develops, through ICT, discussion forums, conferences and social-medias