About us

The IoT-Desir project is based on a school network and on the precious willingness to cooperate of both teachers and students.

The project was conceived and developed by CRS4 (Centro di ricerca, sviluppo e studi superiori in Sardegna), and involves the following people:

Carole Salis


Senior researcher, Carole is an Educational Technologist. She graduated in Educational Sciences at the University of Montreal, (Canada), where she later earned a Master in Educational Technology. Since 1993 she has been involved in the study and design of ICT systems/approaches to strengthen the teaching/learning processes, in instructional systems design,using technological innovations in favour of teaching/learning processes. Carole has a master in International Cooperation Management from the ASVI school (Rome).
Her collaboration with CRS4 Valorisation and Transfer of Knowledge program (Valorizzazione e Trasferimento della Conoscenza – VALE) , had to do with the processing of knowledge, skills and experties that characterize CRS4 projects, and resulted in the design of the COSEF platform prototype. Her present interests focus on network of school comunities in order to promote the involvement in problem solving processes on the basis of specific school skills. She has several scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and in proceedings of international conferences.


Fabrizio Murgia

Fabrizio has a physics degree. After a number of fellowships related to computer sciences, he started working as a researcher at CRS4 in 2001. He was involved in several International and and Italian research projects.His wide scientific interests led him to work on a variety of topics such as meteorology, knowledge based techniques, geometric modeling, rapid prototyping, quantum computing, grid technologies, hydrology, management of water supplies, develompent and transfer of Hydro-geological applications on grid infrastructure accessible through web portal, application of new technologies to didactic work.
Fabrizio is now working on the ANDASA project, finanzed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, through the call for Cluster action with
a Top Down Approach. (LdA 6.1.1.A del POR Sardegna FESR 2007/2013 “ASSE VI COMPETITIVITÀ” “Promozione e sostegno all’attivitÀ  di
RSI dei Poli di Innovazione e dei progetti strategici”))”. The project deals with adapting a the COSEF Web Platform, created at CRS4, to the needs of the Sardinian artistical and cultural world.
Since 2013 he coordinates the local organization of the SWAT international conference and that of the related summer schools He also participates to the activities related to the Sardinian Region IoT (Internet Of Things) schools network. Fabrizio is co-author of several scientific articles published in international journals and conference proceedings. He participated as a speaker to a number of national and International conferences.
Since June 2010 he accepted the challenge to be a member of the Valorization and Transfer of Knowledge (VALE) team.


Andrea Mameli

Head of CRS4 Communications Team, Andrea deals in particular with the institutional presence on the Social Medias. He graduated in physics (M.Sc.) in 1995 at the University of Cagliari, and obtained a Master degree in Science Communication in 1999, at the International School for Advanced Studies, in Trieste.
101He has strong interest in science communication, especially esperimenting multiple presentation and interaction modes such as (blog, web, social network, comics, theater, radio, video, and so on). He published on these themes in specialized journals,conference proceedings, daily papers and blogs.
In 2007, Andrea organized, on behalf of CRS4, the first edition of the Master in Science Communication of the University of Cagliari, in
collaboration with INAF and the Association of Journalists of Sardinia.